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Finding Balance, part 3: Teamwork

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What do sports programs offer students that we music teachers usually do not?

A team.

One reason that students put music practice in last place among their daily assignments is that they see playing music as a solitary endeavor. Traditionally, this is true. A student practices and plays alone for many years before he is eligible to participate in an orchestra and start having some fun. Always being alone with an instrument can be demotivating for a child, however. He just doesn’t understand what all the practicing is for. What’s the remedy?


This is where we music teachers can slug it out with sports programs  – by making music into a “team sport” which offers the camaraderie and fellowship of teamwork that young people love, but doing performances instead of competitive games.

But aren’t there local school and regional orchestras that take care of this? Continue reading

20 May 2015