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How to Build Your Reputation – the Kind You Want

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“Do you worry that your poor students will ruin your reputation? I am trying to build my studio and worry that these few students (among many who are good students) may affect my ability to earn a living.”

A young teacher, rightly concerned about building her studio and keeping it thriving, asked me this question.

My answer? It all depends on what kind of reputation you want. There are lots of different ones and some of them can be combined while others are in a class all by themselves. Here are a few examples:

  • one who turns out only competition winners
  • one whose students all play well up to teacher’s very high standard
  • one whose students faithfully obey all teacher’s studio strictures – or else
  • one whose students enjoy playing music at any level
  • one who wants her students to love music as she does
  • one who will teach any student who wants to learn, no matter what
  • one who will teach any student as along as the parents are willing to continue, no matter what

The first three don’t have to worry about poor students: they don’t have them. Who might worry would be those in the last four categories. So I will address this to them and my young colleague who said that she believed all students should have lessons as long as they enjoy them. Continue reading

28 March 2019