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Energy Vampires, or Letter to a Tired Teacher

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“How do you keep the students who are not giving their all from draining you? Since the majority of my students are not like this, I don’t think it is anything I’m doing or not doing, but I find it draining to deal with students like this, especially back to back.”

This is a question I received from a teacher. Indeed managing and conserving our energy is a big part of teaching. How do we stop students from draining our energy? Easy – make sure you only have perfect students. However, while there are studios that will send a child away when he shows up unprepared for the second time, most of us do not have this possibility or, even if we did, do not adhere to what I call the Procrustean Bed school of teaching – do what I say and how I say, Or Else. If you are this type of teacher, don’t bother reading on. You don’t have a problem. Your students do.

If, on the other hand, you are a normal teacher (like me) and have normal students (ditto), sooner or later you are going to be faced with uncooperative, disorganized and non-compliant students. What to do? How to protect yourself?

Teaching is an ineffable thing. You can’t see it or touch it. You can only feel it if you are involved in the process, or you can see its results. It is an exchange of energy. As long as that energy flows unimpeded, then everyone is fine. However, when that energy is blocked, teachers get drained. I have and have had my share of students who don’t practice and can attest that they can be exhausting. But over the years I have discovered three Very Important Principles: Continue reading

31 January 2017