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Finding Balance, part 1

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In the face of the unreasonable demands on time often made by students’ teachers and coaches, I find that I have two choices:

  1.  Become like them.
  2.  Or not.

I can either become emphatic and overbearing in my teaching, striving to convince parents of the importance of studying a musical instrument to the exclusion of all else, convincing the parents that their children are so talented (whether it’s true or not) that they must dedicate most of their time to their instrument, and backing it up by enrolling my students in countless small competitions that are held each year for children.

OR I can keep my sanity and my conscience in good repair by helping my students and their parents cope with the countless demands made on them both.

Years ago I decided on the latter course. but I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make sure that some practicing gets done. Continue reading

3 May 2015