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Patience Traps, Part 2, part b

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Parents, ctd.

My first post, with the photo of a student and teacher, invited the comment there should be a third person pictured – the parent, implying that the parent learns as much as the student and the teacher (1 teaches, 3 learn). This is correct. We also educate or inform the parents so they can help us and their children. They are our natural allies even though it occasionally doesn’t seem like it. We then have to use our charm, energy and charisma to turn them into allies.

But first, we have to try to understand what is behind the questions, statements and affirmations that parents may make. They may not be speaking our language. They may not appreciate or understand that we are sensitive souls who are giving our all for art. They may not Continue reading

28 October 2014

Patience Traps, Part 2

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The second patience trap is a vast subject:


Parents of our students can really provoke the teacher’s patience reflex. We know how important music is, its difficulty, and the uses and benefits of learning to play it, so it seems natural to assume that our students’ parents understand this – why else would they bring us their children?

Remember one very important principle: Continue reading

15 October 2014

Patience Traps, Part 1

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Or, You Can’t Lose it if You Don’t Have It

The best way to avoid losing patience is not to have it in the first place. How can we avoid patience?

Look at it this way: if you are on a diet and just love chocolate ice cream, don’t keep it in the house. Don’t put yourself in temptations’s way.

In teaching there are several patience traps. The first is: Continue reading

5 October 2014