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Recitals, Part 1

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“Why should my son play in a recital when it is obvious that he’ll never be a musician when he grows up?” asked one mother.  The following is what changed her mind.

To play a recital you learn how to prepare a piece. Many may think this means learning the notes, bowings, fingerings, indicated dynamics, putting it all to memory and then playing it in public. It isn’t that easy; a tremendous amount of thought must also go into deciding what emotions, ideas, colors, interpretations you want to transmit and what is the best way to do it, both technically and musically. A good teacher encourages you, even as a beginner, to think about this. Thus you also become aware that you transmit something when you play (and even when you don’t) – whether you want to or not – and you must be careful. Continue reading

3 September 2014