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1 teaches 2 learn

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The real quote by Robert Heinlein is “When one teaches, two learn” which is something all teachers should agree with if they are doing their job correctly. However, I have gotten to the point that I also teach in order to learn, hence my little alteration (title above) of Heinlein’s memorable quote. My conviction that today I am going to help my students learn something, but I will learn as much if not more than they will, has changed my attitude toward my students and toward teaching in general. Continue reading

23 August 2014

What Am I Doing Here?

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I am a teacher, one of those annoying people who is happy, if not compelled, to share anything I have learned – even 10 minutes ago. Thank heavens I found an outlet for this in teaching the violin. I fell into it by accident when we went to live in a remote foreign country where I wound up doing something few sane musicians would ever do –  teaching my own children. Continue reading

21 August 2014